About Resterra Consulting:

Excessive stress is harming your health. You know this. But providing a good life for yourself and your family leaves you barely enough time to sleep, let alone relax.

This tension is palpable, both for you and the people around you. Your family and loved ones, your employer and coworkers– they all experience the brunt of your stress, sometimes with disruptive and destructive outcomes.

Perhaps you’ve sought relief through meditation or exercise. Or maybe “comfort foods” and other vices help you make it through the day. Whatever the case, the relief you’ve found has been temporary at best, leaving you exhausted and unfulfilled on top of the stress.

While we can’t predict what stresses life will throw at us, we can learn to mitigate that stress in healthy ways.

Stress relief is within reach, through your five senses. Resterra Consulting is a wellness-solution consulting service that specializes in helping clients reduce stress through targeted techniques based on their specific needs and goals.

We founded Resterra Consulting to help individuals find a better way of living, by enhancing their ability to heal themselves through stress relief. Our unique strategies, based on both science and our experience in mental health, employ your basic senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) to relieve stress and promote wellness.

We’ve found that when our clients’ five-sense needs are fulfilled, they can truly relax.

In addition to working with individuals, we also help small businesses, corporations, schools, hospitals and other organizations within high-pressure workplaces. We create calming environments that are more productive for their employees and address the individuals’ concerns about stress to help them reach success in both their personal and professional lives.